Thailand Smart City Expo 2023

November 2023

Project: Thailand Smart City Expo 2023

Location: Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Bangkok, Thailand

Client: Korea Alpha System

Thailand Smart City Expo 2023 was an Asean’s international trade show on smart city* technologies and solutions for better living of people. The technology categories were divided into 7 main sectors ; Smart Telecom, Smart Energy, Smart Living, Smart Industry & Retail, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment and Smart Healthcare. Seminars and activities to build smart city were also included in this expo. Our Client was Korea Alpha System, a company specialized in video security systems keeping up with new changes of up-to-the-minute IT Information Age. PICSO was assigned for booth design and production, electricity and lighting setting, and rental equipment and furniture providing. * Smart City means a city that is effectively enhanced by intelligent technology and innovation for the better services and city administration, while it’s still friendly to environment and human being for sustainable development.

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